Kurd, Turkmen Clashes Kill Nine In Iraq

At least nine people have been killed, following clashes between Kurdish and Turkmen fighters, in northern Iraq.

Clashes between Kurdish peshmerga and Turkmen Shi’ite paramilitary fighters have killed nine people, in a town in northern Iraq. The road to the capital, Baghdad, was also closed as a result of the fighting.

Tuz Khurmatu, part of the northern swathe of territory claimed by both Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, as Iraqi Kurdistan, and Baghdad, has been divided between Turkmen and Kurds since fighting erupted last year.

Shallal Abdul Baban, the Kurdish official responsible for the area, said that a peshmerga brigadier general and another fighter were among the nine killed.

Two members of the Turkmen forces were also among the dead, he added.

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