Viernheim Shooting: Gunman Dead, Injuries From Tear Gas

Police have shot and killed the masked gunman involved in a shooting at a cinema in western Germany, while the injuries reported were believed to have just been exposure to police tear gas.

Police in western Germany have shot dead a masked gunman, after storming the Kinopolis cinema complex in Viernheim, near Frankfurt, following reports of shots being fired.

Between 20 and 50 people were believed to have been injured in the shooting, but a police spokesperson later announced that there had been no injuries as a result of the incident. Most were apparently suffering the effects of tear gas released as police stormed the complex.

It was unclear whether there was a political or ideological motive to the attack, or if it was an attempted robbery. The gunman was shot dead by police following a concern he was holding hostages.

“The police thought that the gunman was holding hostages and because of that he was shot dead,” Peter Beuth, the state’s interior minister, told reporters.

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