Turkey Coup: 17 Police Reportedly Killed

Reports have suggested that there have been casualties following clashes, during an ongoing military coup in Turkey, including reports of 17 police officers having been killed in the coup attempt.

Reports from the AFP news agency suggest that 17 police officers killed in a helicopter attack in Turkey’s capital Ankara, during an ongoing military coup attempt in Turkey, in the capital, Ankara, and in Istanbul.

The report comes from Turkey’s Anadolu news agency, who have suggested that the casualties are from a helicopter attack on the Turkish intelligence agency’s headquarters in the capital.

There are also a large number of protesters on the streets, in Turkey, with President Erdogan having earlier urged Turks to take to the streets.

Some of the largest clashes have occurred in Istanbul, near the Bosphorus bridge, in Istanbul, where gunfire has been heard and some casualties reported, and in Ankara, where frequent gunfire and several explosions have been reported.

Footage on social media also shows protesters attempting to slow and stop tanks being used by the revolting soldiers. Some of the soldiers involved in the coup are also believed to have been arrested by Turkish police.

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