Turkey Coup: Gunfire Reported In Ankara, Istanbul

Gunfire and explosions are being reported, with increasing frequency, in both the Turkish city of Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, amid an ongoing military coup.

There are increasing reports of sustained gunfire in the Turkish capital, Ankara, as well as in the country’s largest city, Istanbul.

Explosions and gunfire are being reported in the capital, with reports suggesting that military forces involved in the coup are currently targeting the Presidential Palace, with heavy gunfire being reported. Witnesses are describing tanks and military helicopters involved in the violence.

There have also been reports of gunfire being heard on the Bosphorus bridge and near the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, where supporters of President Erdogan appear to have gathered, and be involved in some violence.

President Erdogan and the other government officials, including the mayor of Ankara, calling for Turkish citizens to take to the streets, with many appearing to heed those calls.

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