Munich Attack: Police Believed ‘Multiple Attackers’

Police responding to a shooting incident at a shopping centre, in the German city of Munich, where multiple people have been killed, believe there is more than one attacker involved.

Police in Munich have said. they believe they are dealing with more than one attacker, following reports of a shooting at a shopping centre in the city.

At least one person is confirmed to have died in the shooting, with several others believed to be dead and injured. Earlier reports suggested that the attack had been carried out by a single attacker.

A police spokeswoman told Reuters, “We believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage”.

German media has also reported a second shooting elsewhere in the city, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.

Authorities were already on alert in Germany after a migrant stabbed five people on a train elsewhere in the country, on Monday, and warned of the possibility of further attacks.

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