Airstrike Kills 16 Family Members In Yemen

At least 16 people, reportedly all members of a Yemeni imam’s extended family, have been killed, following an airstrike, in Yemen.

At least 16 members of the extended family of a Yemeni mosque imam were killed on Wednesday in an air strike on their family home in northern Yemen by the Saudi-led Arab coalition, a Reuters witness, a medic and a resident said.

The coalition has been giving air support to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in his fight against Iran-allied Houthi militia who have seized much of Yemen since 2014, but has drawn criticism over civilian casualties incurred in the campaign.

Witnesses said missiles struck a house of the imam, identified as Saleh Abu Zainah, in Saada, the capital of Saada province in northern Yemen, the home territory of the Houthis who hail from the Zaydi branch of Shi’ite Islam.

The imam, his family, his two sons and their families all died in the attack, including at least four children, they said.

A Saudi military spokesman said the coalition was checking whether the report was true and that an investigation would be conducted and its results published if the incident was verified.

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