Two Police Officers Stabbed In Brussels

Two police officers have reportedly been stabbed, and a train station evacuated, following a bomb threat, in the Belgian capital, Brussels.

The officers were attacked at a checkpoint near to Brussels Nord Train Station which was later swept for explosives along with the prosecutor’s office after bomb threat was made.

The suspected attacker, who then tried to flee the scene, was shot by police in the leg and is being held in custody.

It is thought one of the officers was stabbed in the neck and the other the stomach, although neither are believed to have been seriously injured.

Brussels federal prosecutor’s office has since said it has “reason to believe this was a terrorist attack.”

Police spokesman Frederic Sacre said: “A message of an alleged bomb threat was sent to the police, all the people were evacuated from the station, the trains have stopped.

‘This will continue until security services inspect the station.”

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