Cholera Kills 13 In Haiti

At least 13 people have reportedly died from an outbreak of cholera, in Haiti, in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Cholera has killed at least 13 people in southwest Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, government officials told Reuters on Saturday, as health workers sought to reach the epicenter of one outbreak.

Six people died of Cholera in a hospital in the southern town of Randel, which is inland near a river, and another seven died in the western coastal town of Anse-d’Ainault, the officials said, likely as flood waters mixed with sewage.

“Randel is isolated, you must cross water, you must go high in the mountains, cars cannot go, motorcycles cannot go,” said Eli Pierre Celestin, a member of team that fights Cholera for the health ministry. “People have started dying.”

“There are nurses but no doctors,” he said, concerned that Cholera would spread due to lack of hygiene and as ground water moved because of rain and floods.

He said there were also outbreaks in Port-a-Piment and Les Anglais.

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