Prison Riot Kills 10 In Brazil

At least 10 prisoners have reportedly been killed, following fighting between rival gangs during a riot in a prison, in northeastern Brazil.

At least 10 prisoners have been killed in fighting between rival gangs at the largest prison in the northeastern Brazilian city of Natal, police say.

It reportedly took 14 hours for police to regain control of Alcacuz jail.

“The operation is still ongoing but the situation is now calm”, a spokesperson told BBC Brasil.

The incident in Alcacuz is the third major prison riot in Brazil this year. Nearly 100 inmates died in riots earlier this month in prisons in the states of Amazonas and Roraima.

The violence inside Alcacuz jail, in Rio Grande Do Norte state, began on Saturday afternoon, when members of one of the powerful criminal organisations present in most Brazilian jails attacked rivals in a separate wing.

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