Soldier Shoots Attacker In Paris ‘Terrorist’ Incident

A man has been shot and wounded by a French soldier after attacking a security team, lightly injuring one, near the entrance to the Louvre museum, in the French capital, Paris.

A major security operation is under way near the Louvre museum in Paris after a man attempted a knife attack on soldiers patrolling the area. The French prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said it appeared to be an “attack of terrorist nature”.

Paris anti-terrorist police are investigating after a man carrying a rucksack wounded one soldier with a knife. Another soldier in the patrol opened fire.

The attempted attack took place in the Carousel du Louvre, a commercial underground shopping centre near the entrance to the Louvre, which is one of the world’s most-visited museums.

The attack happened at around 10am on a stairway in the shopping centre when the man ran at soldiers with a knife.

Michel Cadot, the Paris police prefect, said the man headed towards soldiers “armed with a machete”. He said the man had: “shouted threats and ‘Allahu Akbar’”.

One soldier was slightly wounded and another soldier fired back five shots. The man was wounded, including to the stomach, but he was still alive.

Cadot said no explosives had been found in the man’s bag and there was “no threat”.

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