Suicide Bombings Kill 10 In Baghdad, Mosul

At least 10 people have been killed, and a further 33 injured, following a series of suicide bombings in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Mosul.

At least 10 people were killed and 33 wounded on Friday, in a series of suicide bombings that hit Baghdad and parts of Mosul recently recaptured from Islamic State, medical and security sources said.

The militant group, which still controls significant parts of Iraq and Syria, claimed the attacks in online statements.

A man blew himself up inside the Sayidati al-Jamila restaurant at lunchtime in eastern Mosul, killing at least four people and wounding 15.

A suicide car-bomb killed a soldier and wounded four others in the eastern side of the city, which US-backed Iraqi forces took from Islamic State last month.

A car bomb parked in the Ilam district of southern Baghdad blew up killing five and wounding 14.

The offensive to dislodge Islamic State from Mosul, the largest city in northern Iraq, began in October but paused last month after Iraqi forces took all the districts lying east of the Tigris river that bisects the city.

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