Six Killed In Portugal Fireworks Factory Blast

At least six people have been killed, and a further two are missing, following an explosion at a fireworks factory in Portugal.

Six people died and another two were missing after an explosion on Tuesday evening destroyed a fireworks factory near the Portuguese town of Lamego.

The victims all worked at the plant 100km (62 miles) east of Porto.

The factory’s owner was among the dead and several members of his family were either dead or missing, said local mayor Francisco Lopes.

Some of the victims were found outside the factory, apparently propelled from the building by the force of the blast.

An initial explosion happened shortly after 17:30 (16:30 GMT) on Tuesday, followed by two more blasts, reports said.

Five bodies were found late on Tuesday and emergency workers found a sixth victim some 200m (650ft) from the site, minister Jorge Gomes told Portuguese media. The search was being extended to a radius of 800m, he added, because of the scale of the explosion.


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