Rocket Hits Damascus Trade Fair, Killing Five

At least five people are believed to have been killed after a rocket struck close to the entrance of a trade fair in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

According to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group, five people had died, while Syrian TV said the attack had caused casualties. Dozens of others are believed to have been injured.

The attack struck near to the entrance of the Damascus International Fair, which is being held for the first time since the Syrian conflict broke out in 2011.

The fair has another 10 days to run, and had been a key business event prior to the outbreak of conflict in the country.

Director of the fair, Fares al-Kartally, had said earlier in the week that the hosting of the fair reflected “the return of calm and stability in most regions” and would “signal the start of [the country’s] reconstruction”.

Damascus has largely been spared from the worst of the conflict, which has left some 330,000 people dead and millions displaced, but it has suffered missile attacks by rebel fighters previously.

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