Father of Murder Victim Sets Off Hand Grenades In Ukraine Courtroom

A man has killed himself and injured at least seven others after setting off two hand grenades in a courtroom in eastern Ukraine.

The man is understood to have been the father of one of the murder victims at the centre of the ongoing trial, local media has reported.

The explosions occurred during a murder hearing in Nikopol, in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Three defendants were among those injured.

Four court employees and guards also sustained injuries. One report suggests the total number of injured is 10, and that two of those are being operated on in hospital.

The defendants are accused of firing on a car and killing two passengers in February 2016 – one them is believed to have been the man’s son, said Ukrainska Pravda.

“According to preliminary reports, a man pulled out two hand grenades and detonated them at 11:20 (09:20 GMT) during a murder case hearing,” police spokesperson Yaroslav Trakalo was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The man threw the grenades when he heard the hearing was being adjourned and the defendants were being handcuffed, said the Zerkalo Nedeli news website. It said investigators were on the scene.

Weapons like hand grenades and small arms have become readily available among the population due to the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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