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Article Style & Structure:

ATW News Network uses a custom article structure and style applied to content found on the website. This style allows for clear distinction in the type, and length, of articles to be explained with ease, and before the article is read.

Types of Article:

  1. Regular articles – These will be the majority of articles surrounding current events and ongoing situations around the world. Articles that fall into this category will be approximately 250 words or less in length, and will cover the basis of the story.
  2. Extended articles – Extended articles, which will be displayed through the use of [Extended] at the beginning of the article, will be usually between 250 and 500 words, but may exceed this amount. Articles that fall into this category will usually be less time-sensitive, or may have broader titles and subject matter.
  3. Opinion articles – Opinion articles, which will be displayed through the use of [Opinion] at the beginning of the article, will usually be 500 words or more, and will express an opinion on a subject matter, usually related to recent affairs, and not necessarily representative of ATW News Network, but that of the author of the article. Articles that fit with this style may also be preceded by [Op-Ed], if written by an author who is not usually a contributor to ATW.

Article Style:

  1. Bold Sentences – All articles post-July 2014 will begin with the first two lines on every article in bold. This serves as a brief summary of the article beneath, rather than a beginning of the article. This provides readers with a clear understanding of the piece that they are about to read, and appear on the homepage beneath each article – allowing readers a greater understanding of the articles, so that they can better select the media they wish to consume.
  2. Normal Text – The normal, non-bold text is the article’s content itself, beginning beneath the bold summary.

Menu Structure:

ATW News Network uses a compact menu structure within the site, to allow for a clean and concise navigation directly from any page, but still maintaining a far more detailed navigation structure accessible from any page on the website – which we refer to as the Detailed Menu Structure.

Types of Menu:

  1. Main Masthead Navigation – The main masthead navigation is seen just beneath the website’s name, located within the blue header. This functions to provide access back to the homepage, to a general ‘World’ section – which is an overview of all news articles – and to features such as support and about pages. These help provide useful information and accessibility to site users, regardless of where they are on the site.
  2. Masthead Sub-Menu Navigation – The masthead sub-menu navigation menu’s purpose is to provide an easy to access mode of navigation to all articles from any continent, or the United Kingdom and United States. This menu also provides access to Extended and Opinion articles and to the Detailed Menu Structure, under the ‘More Options’ tab.
  3. Detailed Menu Structure – The Detailed Menu Structure system, located in the ‘More Options’ tab on the masthead sub-menu navigation, is a menu tool added to the site, through several linked pages, that helps to allow users to navigate the news articles they wish to view on a much more detailed, country-by-country scale, while remaining compact and not cluttering the main site.


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